8/13/13 Updates!

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8/13/13 Updates!

Postby Harry » August 13th, 2013, 7:13 am

We have cut new Demo version 1.65 and full version 1.04. A couple big items, and a few minor fixes in this release! A massive overhaul of screen clean-up code was done to improve stability, and hopefully performance. If anyone runs into any buttons that don't delete properly (or anything that doesn't work right) please let us know! Also, added the much talked about ability to kick guild members :) We may do another pass and improve the graphics on this a bit. Finally, there is now a confirm screen before Fleeing a raid before it has started ;)

New in 1.65/1.04:

- Doing a major rewrite of the deletion processing. Probably won't be too noticeable for most people, but it should improve speed and stability a bit :) Please let me know if you find anything that is not working correctly, because odds are I broke it changing this :o (Doing a few days of testing before releasing it) - In versions 1.65/1.04.

- Add the ability to kick guild members. Why would you want to? Why not? - In version 1.65/1.04 with temporary graphic.

- Added a confirm button to fleeing a raid - In version 1.65/1.04.

- Minor Issue - The Assign As Primary Tank button on the raid role assignment is a little misleading and has been renamed without the Primary. - In 1.65/1.04.

- Minor issue - The background boxes weren't redrawn correctly during looting when disenchanting. - Fixed in 1.65/1.04.
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