8/6/13 Updates!

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8/6/13 Updates!

Postby Harry » August 6th, 2013, 10:43 pm

Full Version 1.03 and Demo Version 1.64 have been released! The main feature is a new option to allow for changes to Flavor text coloring, but there are also a few additional bug fixes - primarily with PVP mode.

What's new:

New enhancement to allow for different color of flavor text versus combat text! If anyone has suggestions on additional items that should be considered Flavor feel free to let me know :)

Additional information on Morale icon tool tip!

Corrected an issue where people rage quitting could incorrectly break the raid limit size.

The First fight of the last raid had a broken mechanic in PVP mode only.

Disenchanting in PVP now displays the appropriate text!

When switching Tanks in Combat it would cycle through dead mobs. (Whose got two thumbs and broke lots of stuff redoing menus right before release ;)

Adjusted the speed of announcement scrolling on Ludicrous speed.

Fixed an issue where the casting counter could go negative if holding off DPS.
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