7/28/2013 First Post-Release Updates!

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7/28/2013 First Post-Release Updates!

Postby Harry » July 28th, 2013, 9:25 pm

Demo Version 1.62 and Full Build 1.01 are now available! A few reported issues have been addressed, and a few improvements added based upon user suggestions.

New changes:

- Wide Screen modes now load and initialize properly.

- Added Wide Full Screen support.

- Gave new primary tanks a slight bonus to threat when they are first switched in, to make switching during combat a bit more effective.

- Fixed a minor issue with the up and down arrow keys when reassigning tanks in combat.

- New Casting Icon! A small display will show for players that are casting a spell. You can see how many turns they have left, and putting the cursor over the box will give more detailed information about the target and spell in progress.

- Made a lot of changes to try to address the seemingly random crash on some combat menus. I pulled in some updates to the core engine, added additional checks, and made some timing changes. I haven't been able to reproduce the issue on my PC, so I can't say that it is fixed 100%. It could be hardware or driver specific. If anyone encounters this issue on the new builds, please let us know!
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