7/7/2013 Update

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7/7/2013 Update

Postby Harry » July 7th, 2013, 11:48 pm

Build 1.57 has been posted with a lot of screen changes :0

A revamped Raid Role selection screen!

A revamped Tank To Mob selection screen!

A revamped Healer Assignment screen!

A revamped DPS Assignment screen!

A revamped Raid Row screen!

A revamped View Guild, Recruit Guild Members, and Daily Chat screen (phew, that's a lot of screen!)

A couple minor graphics tweaks to the Raider Selection screen.

A couple minor graphics tweaks to the morale screens.

A couple minor tweaks to the opening sequence.

A couple minor tweaks to the loading screen when opening it in combat.

Fixed a very specific case where killing a monster that was retaliating would result in no combat text being displayed for that round.

Slight clean-up on the tutorial text... at least the little bit there is of it :)

Fix an issues with click through on top of other buttons could cause problems when loading a game.
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