Welcome to the home page of It's A Wipe! - The game of fantasy guild management. In It's A Wipe! you assume the role of a guild leader within a fantasy game world. You must recruit other players, lead them to victory against increasingly difficult odds, and make sure that your group remains happy enough to stick with you!

The game is done in a style reminiscent of old school role playing games. While the 'game' within It's A Wipe! is supposed to represent an on-line game world, this is really a single player game. The game play is a mix of strategy, in that you need to figure out an effective plan to beat the encounters, and management, in that you need to balance the various needs and desires of your team of players.

Status: The Demo version 1.7 is currently available. The Full game version 1.13 (1.92 on Steam) has been released!!!


06/11/15 - The Steam Summer Sale is upon us! It's A Wipe! is scheduled current on sale at Steam !!!

05/22/15 - For fans of the music of It's A Wipe! You can now get the music from here! There's also a few early versions of tracks that weren't included in the final game.

05/19/15 - A new update for the Steam version has been posted (version 1.92)!

03/08/15 - A new update for the Steam version has been posted (version 1.9)!

02/10/15 - Been a little bad about updating the official site, but there is a new update for the Steam build of the game, version 1.86, as well as a new review posted up in the Media section!

01/10/15 - A new update for the full builds of the game! Also a silly little video someone made has been posted up in the Media section!

01/04/15 - A new update for the Demo build of the game has been posted here, version 1.7! Lots of little corrections from the Steam release!

01/03/15 - A new update for the Steam build of the game, version 1.17, as well as some new reviews posted up in the Media section!

01/01/15 - Happy New Year! Some new reviews up in the Media section! One from Spaztic Gaming and another from SirBlazinGames!

12/31/14 - Happy New Years Eve! There have been quite a few reviews and live play sessions that have been posted of late :) Starting to add them to the Media section. Today I've posted up a review by Dayton Dissects and here's a link to a text review on Leviathyn! More to come in the days ahead!

12/22/14 - Happy Holidays! It's A Wipe! has been up on Steam for about a week now! There have been a number of reviews which we'll try to get in the media section soon, and there should be some upcoming updates to the regular version as well.

12/11/14 - It's A Wipe! is scheduled to be available on Steam at midnight tonight!!!

12/09/14 - Since working on the game for Steam we made a few minor corrections and quality of play updates! A new Full release Version 1.11 is now available!

12/08/14 - Monday Night Indie did a live play through of some of It's A Wipe! Actually a couple months ago, but we just happened across it. You can check it out in the Media section!

11/19/14 - It's A Wipe! is scheduled to be available on Steam 12/12/14! We hope that you will check it out!

10/27/14 - After a long break for 'market research' (playing lots of games), It's A Wipe! has finally been Greenlit for Steam! We're back at work to get the game integrated with their platform! More updates to come soon!

03/25/14 - Long time and no posts! Well, finally an update and Full Version 1.1 is now available with a couple bug fixes!

12/25/13 - Merry Christmas! New builds have been posted! Demo version 1.68 and Full version 1.09 are now available! (May be slightly delayed on Desura.)

12/15/13 - Happy Holidays! A new review is up linked in the Media section! A good introduction to the basics of the game :)

11/28/13 - Happy Thanksgiving! A new full build has been posted (well, two small ones in quick succession) to address a couple of issues that players reported!

10/31/13 - Happy Halloween! Sorry about the lack of updates. The difficulty of having one programmer who does this outside of a full time job. Hopefully will have some new updates before the end of the year!

08/30/13 - A small patch, version 1.06, has been uploaded for the full game! Also, the one year anniversary of Steam Greenlight :o If you like the game, feel free to head over and vote for it to be on Steam.

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